Custom Plastic Molding Indianapolis

Indianapolis rotational custom moldingAt R & R Technologies LLC, we have several advantages over other custom plastic molding companies in the Indianapolis area. However,before looking at what we offer, it is important first to look at what is rotational molding and the techniques that are used during the production phase. Its always good to start with the basics first to get a better over all understanding how its done and why its better.

Rotational molding is a process that involves heating plastic resin into a fluid state and then injecting the material into a mold. The mold then gives the object its shape and design. Through this process we are able to mold various types of plastics into different sizes, thicknesses and lengths, according to the client’s design layout and specifications.

Comparing the Different Methods

Indianapolis custom plastic moldingThere are several plastic molding techniques that exist and each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on costs and design. Products made through plastic molding include bottles, kitchen utensils, plastic tubes, caps, toys and many more. Surprisingly, the mouse and keyboard that we use with our computers are also formed using plastic modeling processes. The basic idea is to pour the molten liquid material into an already formed mold so that when the liquid cools off and the mold is removed the finished product remains.

The main techniques used in custom plastic molding are injection molding, compression molding, blow molding, film Insert molding, structural Foam molding, thermoforming, and rotational molding. These techniques are unique in terms of how they produce objects.

For instance, injection molding involves forcing melted plastic into a mold cavity so that when the liquid cools it takes the form of the cavity. This process is used to mass-produce products such as bottle caps and toys.

Blow molding is just like injection molding only that in the latter, the molten material is forced out of a barrel vertically. Then the mold closes in on it and forces the liquid outward to conform to the inside shape of the mold. This, forces the liquid to take the molds’ shape as it cools. The process is used to manufacture products such as bottles and containers.

Our Indianapolis custom plastic molding on the other hand, uses hollow molds that are filled with plastic powder and affixed to pipe-like spikes going into a central location. As the molds rotate on individual arms, the hub brings the complete mold into a sealed off furnace causing the powder to soften and stick on the inner surface of the mold. Later the mold is sprayed with water causing the plastics to harden into hollow parts.

Advantages of Our Rotational Molding Indianapolis Services

1. Design flexibility

Our custom rotomolding technique helps manufacturers to design and manufacture products on any kind of space available. In addition, parts made from multiple pieces can later be consolidated into one large completed part.

2. Cost advantage

Tooling for custom rotational moulding parts is less expensive compared to other forms of molding because there is no need for an interior core for manufacturing purposes.

3. Consistent thickness

Because this form of molding allows the products being made to rotate evenly, this allows the resin to coat every surface evenly. This leads to consistent wall thickness unlike other forms of molding where you find products to be weakest at the corners because of increased stress.

4. Stronger products

Factors such as corrosion-resistance, presence of durable new plastics, one-part construction and presence of new and durable plastics all combine to cause our custom plastic to be stronger than products from other molding techniques.

5. Short production cycles

This production model shortens production times when compared to other molding techniques. This is attributable to the fact that it is possible to design a certain product, have it tooled, as well as begin production within a period of around three months. This is comparably shorter than other molding techniques such as injection molding that can have lead times of up to six months. This also helps to bring products to the market much faster.

6. Easy to modify

Because of simple tooling, it is possible to make minor changes to existing molds in order to accommodate your changing customer or client needs.

7. Produce Small Batches

The last but definitely not the least advantage of this technique is that it allows a manufacturer to produce fewer products than when using other molding techniques. This enables us to meet our client’s unique needs to be promptly met, while using our custom plastic molding Indianapolis services. Call R & R Technologies LLC for a quote today!