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Industries We Service in Michiana

R&R Technologies LLC is a leading Midwest and Michiana rotational molding manufacturer of custom plastic products. We make everything from toys to medical devices, architectural components, and many other plastic products.

Our clients include companies in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, consumer electronics, and industrial equipment. In addition, R&R Technologies LLC manufactures custom plastic products, including molds, parts, and accessories.

We offer a wide variety of services ranging from prototyping to production. We have a team of experienced professionals who strive to provide all our customers exceptional service and value. We take great pride on meeting tight deadlines and delivering quality products.

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Why Rotational Molding?

The primary reason for using rotational molding is that it allows you to create custom parts for your business. The process of using rotational molding is similar to injection molding, except that instead of injecting molten plastic into a cavity, you use a rotating mold plate to push the plastic against a heated surface. As a result, it results in a part with no sharp edges and is stronger than other types of molded plastics.

Both rotational and injection processes produce durable parts resistant to wear and tear. However, rotational molding is much faster than injection molding and requires fewer molds and tools. Also, rotational molding creates hollow parts, whereas injection molding creates parts that aren’t hollow.

What is the Advantage of Rotational Molding

Its top benefit is that it allows the ability to create complex shapes and designs that would otherwise be impossible to produce. It is commonly used to manufacture parts for cars, appliances, and other consumer goods. There are several advantages to using rotational molding over traditional methods.

  1. First, it saves time and money since it requires less labor and equipment.
  2. Second, it creates stronger, lighter products due to the continuous rotation.
  3. Third, it produces smoother surfaces and finishes. Finally, it reduces defects and improves overall quality.

Complete List of Benefits and Features:

  • High-Quality Products
  • Fast Production Time
  • Low Cost
  • Easy to Operate
  • No Need for Specialized Equipment
  • Can Produce Parts With Complex Geometries
  • Can Create Custom Designs
  • Can Produce Large Quantities
  • Can Produce Smaller Quantities
  • Can Make Parts From Different Materials
  • Can Produce Plastic Parts
  • Can Produce Metal Parts
  • Can Produces Parts With Multiple Colors
  • Can Produce Part With Textures
  • Can Produce Non-Standard Shapes
  • Can Produce Standard Shapes
  • Can Be Used As An Additive Manufacturing Process
  • Can Be Used To Make Medical Supplies
  • Can Be Used For Food Packaging

What Type of Plastic is Used in Rotational Molding?

The plastic used for rotational molding is called Polypropylene. It’s one of the strongest plastics available today. It has excellent chemical resistance and high strength properties.

Polycarbonates are tough, lightweight materials that are resistant to scratches and dents. They’re also highly transparent, meaning that they let light pass through them without any distortion.

They’re also easy to clean, and they resist fading and discoloration. Polycarbonates are commonly used in high-end applications, such as home electronics, automotive, and architectural design.

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