Michigan Rotomolding Options

Michigan rotational molding productsRotomolding in Michigan is one of the most beneficial manufacturing process in the Midwest region due to its high level of versatility of plastic production. There are a number of manufacturing companies in Michigan, but R & R Technologies in the neighboring state of  Indiana offers more options in the designing of many different bi-products. The rotational molding process utilizes a heated mold that melts the plastic so that the it clings to the inside of the metal mold. This process relies on gravity as well as heat to create parts with outstanding strength. The completed product is stress-free, lightweight, and has a faultless design that is long-lasting.

Why Use Roto-Molding?

1.Cost and Time Saving

Rotomoulding comes with a number of advantages as compared to other forms of plastic molding processes. One of the most visible advantages is the reduced cost of tooling. This is attributed to the absence of interior core to manufacture. Also, when compared to the most durable metals that we have around, plastic materials are to a larger extent more cost effective.

2.Better Design Options

Rotationally moulded items are easily created and produced to fit in any available space. In most cases, parts that are put together from many pieces can be assembled into a single piece. This provides better product flexibility thus reducing the chances of plastic part failure. When compared to other techniques of plastic manufacturing, Rotomolding is much easier to use in producing larger items.

3.Consistent Wall Thickness

When compared to other forms of plastic making processes it is easier to achieve the total consistency when it comes to wall thickness. This is achieved by its ability to allow the resin to coat every surface evenly.

4.Superior Strength

It is easier to achieve superior strength of rotomolded parts than other plastic molding process. It contributes in making longer-lasting plastics, reliable wall thicknesses, single-part construction, as well as corrosion-resistance.

5.Easier to Modify

For reasons associated with the relative straightforwardness of the tooling, it is much easier to make minor alterations to an existing mold. This allows more room for changing your production needs.

6.Ability to Do Small Runs

By means of less costly tooling, rotomoulding offers one the ability to do smaller runs on products. In reality, it is economical for many of our clients to do runs as small as 10 pieces.


Roto-molding process is eco-friendly since it utilizes the material that is only needed. This process limits the wastage of materials.

8.Short Production Time

Production of a rotomolded item can take about 40 min in comparison to other processes, which usually takes to an hour or more. This means that rotational molding has the potential to deliver the manufactured items more rapidly to the market than any other molding processes. Rotomolding in Michigan and surrounding areas, has been more beneficial for local pallet manufacturers than other molding processes like injection molding or blow molding. It has enabled the ease and benefit of one stop shopping for large produced items. The molding process has positively impacted on the Michigan and Indiana economies, as compared to other plastic manufacturing processes such as injection molding and blow molding. For more info or a free quote, contact us at R & R Technologies, 7560 East County Line Road, Edinburgh, IN 46124. Or call us at (317) 526-2655