Ohio Rotational Molding Options

rotationally molded plastic productsFor the past few years there have been a number of leading companies in the Midwest that have been using Ohio rotational molding companies for the production of there plastic products, but now there is a new option. There is actually a company in the neighboring state of Indiana that can offer better affordable prices and more custom plastic molding options than any other rotomolding plant in Ohio. Who is that company, its us, R & R Technologies! We are a state-of-the-art, high technology research facility that is making great strides in the field of mold design and plastic innovations. Are plant is located in the middle of the Midwest, right in Indiana, which makes it ideal for transporting finished products to Ohio at cost saving prices.

Rotational Molding is Ideal for Uniquely Styled Plastic Products

This process makes it easy to produce plastic products that are air-tight and/or water-tight. Some of the products include such things as flat-table balls, marine plastic products, plastic lids and water tanks. It’s challenging to produce such products as these by the use of any other molding methods. In fact many commercial and industrial plastic products can only be manufactured by roto-molding . Most engineers, inventors, designers, and product-developers often choose plastic rotational molding against other processes because of its cost-effectiveness and user friendly characteristics.

Small Quantity Production:

Rotational moulding is ideal for many plastic retail companies that need to produce just a few plastic products at a time. Most other processes like injection molding and blow molding involve tooling that can be very expensive and technical to set up. Rotomolding on the other hand, offers easy and lower tooling costs, which can be used to produce lower volumes of plastic products at cost saving prices. Not only does it provide lower expenses for small runs of products but it also can be very effective in the manufacturing of plastic parts in large quantities too, which can really lower down your production costs.

Quality Assurance:

Rotomoulding offers greater quality, better value and a user friendly manufacturing process that has been developed and stabilized over many years of production time and use.The ability to coordinate many processes and machinery together, all at the same time is what brings consistency to the finished product every time. Nothing can be farther from the truth when it comes to other molding techniques.

Great Flexibility:

rotomuolding process in OhioThe rotational molding process offers flexibility both in design and production, during the manufacturing phase. The unique capability of the molding makes it ideal for creating a variety of shapes of any dimensional size. It’s possible to produce different circumferences and diameters as wide as 1000cm or more. This is what allows the product to take any form or shape, due to the mold’s flexibility in design possibilities. Any color and any configuration can also be achieved by the process. Other molding techniques can’t achieve this in such an easier manner and style like plastic rotomolding can.

The Double Wall:

The “double wall” capability is the ability of using several layers during the molding process. Even if several layers are applied the weight is still light and manageable. It creates a high lightweight plastic product without compromising on quality. The viscosity of the material used also offers strong structural quality and integrity, achievable only by this kind of molding technique.

Custom Plastic Molding:

It’s the only type of plastic process which can achieve consistent customized molding for specialized type of plastic products.It works well with hollow plastic extrusions since they are processed at very low or at no pressure levels. The method utilizes a technique known as a Bi Axial Rotational System. The system results in producing even-walled plastic products which are durable and high in quality.

Low Tooling Cost:

The rotomolding process has a very low tooling cost as compared to other manufacturing methods. It uses very low pressure to no pressure at all to fill the mold. The centrifugal force that is used during the production is what makes this tooling cost to be very low as compared to extrusion or blow molding. The mold tooling is also easier to make since it only takes a few days for a complete tooling assembly to be made as compared to injection or blow molding.

Graphics and Parts Finishing:

It’s very easy to create unique graphic designs in rotomoulding as compared to other systems of plastic processes. Any graphic can be created on the mold and once the plastic is cooled the shape remains. This can make any product to look unique since the graphics will come out looking good and elaborate. It’s not that easy to achieve such a unique design on other types of molds. Post-molds-graphics and pr-molds-graphics are possible with this rotational moulding technique.

Final Recap:

Remember, rotationally molded plastic products have many advantages over other plastic processes, its more user friendly and cost effective when compared to blow or injection molding. Other advantages it offers is; flexibility in designing and production, low tooling costs, cheaper materials of polyethylene, double wall capabilities, higher volumes and more.

Since the molding process is very reliable and easy to design; many manufactures have been using rotational molding in Ohio to produce there plastic products. What we would like to leave you with is the idea that R & R Technologies can now give you the option of getting better affortable prices then you may be currently receiving. So please call R & R Technologies today and get a free quote for your next plastic project! Call: 812-526-2655 now!

Ohio Rotationally Molding Products