Plastic Fabrication Services in Indiana

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Plastic Fabrication Services In Indiana

The need for plastic fabrication in Indiana is increasingly on the rise, giving plastic manufacturers an important role to play in the business world. Many employ different techniques when it comes to plastic molding but the bottom line is, each manufacturer’s specialty caters for a need depending on the type of product wanted. 

custom plastic molding IndianaThere are convincing reasons to use the plastic fabricator processes that they offer, but as a producer of custom products you might get overwhelmed by all these choices. You could be asking, what is the best raw material or acrylic fabrication to use for my molded plastic products? Which manufacturing process will give me the best quality? How will I be able to choose the right plastic manufacturer?All these are important questions that when answered properly will give you the best option for good quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Let’s look at a few types of custom plastic processes and their best fit for your type of products.

Rotational Molding

It relies on heat and rotation to coat the walls of a mould before extracting a cooled product that has taken the shape of the mould. It is a process that allows for the creation of plastic products of all shapes and sizes. Commonly used due to low tooling costs. Best for manufacturing of tanks and other products with complex shapes.

Injection Molding

It relies on heat and pressure. The raw material is placed inside a mold then compressed to take the shape of the mould. It is a process that creates the majority of products that we use in our daily lives including children’s toys, bowls and plastic cutlery among others. Although it is suitable for mass production, the initial tooling cost is very high.


It does not require the high heat or pressure used in the above processes. A plastic sheet of material is sucked or pushed to take the shape of a mould. The material needs to be easy to mold. Suitable for creating simple plastic products such as yoghurt or margarine containers.

Extrusion Blow Molding

While the other processes rely on the material forming inside the mold, this one employs the technique of melting the material over the mould so the end product cools while taking the mold’s external shape. An example of a product that uses this method is a water hose. Whatever the product, there is a process that best suits its manufacturing at an economical cost.

Tips for Hiring a Plastic Fabrication Service in Indiana

1. Type of products
One thing you will learn is that different plastic fabrication techniques are ideal for specific products. For instance, while rotational moulding makes durable tanks, blow moulding is great for bottle manufacturing. Consider the type of product you would like, then compare the effectiveness of the manufacturing process in terms of output and cost.

2. Production capacity
Depending on the number of units you would like to have manufactured, it is important to consider a plastic manufacturer’s capacity. For a smaller capacity, one may consider a local company for customized products, but if one requires mass production then it would be best if they went for a larger company.

3. Levels of expertise
Do not be afraid to ask questions about the manpower in a plastic manufacturing company. You will be trusting them with the task of giving you the best product for use, so find out information about the kind of staff they have. For instance, do they have an engineer who is conversant with plastics production to guide the process? For how long has the staff been handling production to determine their competence and experience at handling the raw materials? Get clarity before settling to avoid compromising on standards.

4. Location
The geographical location of the plastic manufacturing company is extremely important. For instance, a fabricator located nearby could be a bit more expensive than one who is in another state, but then the shipping costs would make a difference. Calculate these extra costs then choose the one that best fits your budget.

5. Reputation
A  manufacturer’s reputation is one of the best determinants when deciding on whether to work with them or not. You most certainly do not want to entrust these services to a company that is known for being unprofessional, fails to deliver within set dates and other unethical habits. You may find out about a company’s reputation from recommendations from people you know, or from the reviews on their website. Ensure that you know what to expect in terms of how they treat their clients and the quality of their end product before choosing to work with the plastic fabricator.

6. Other services
There are some extra services that a manufacturer may opt to offer which would be quite beneficial. These services save you both time and money. For example, a manufacturer may have a package whereby they help you check your product design and analyze it to see whether there is room for improvement. Instead of just manufacturing the product as ordered, they would expertly modify it for effectiveness, tolerance and durability levels. Others may offer to assemble parts and give you a finished product rather than raw parts that still need threading, drilling or trimming.

More Helpful Tips:

  • plastic molder IndianapolisGet a prototype before mass production to be sure about quality.
  • Never compromise on quality! They say cheap is expensive, so instead of settling on the cheapest go for the one who is reasonable in their pricing while staying within your budget. Again, too expensive does not necessarily translate to quality.
  • Have an alternative in case the first manufacturer fails to deliver or in case of unforeseen difficulties.
  • Once you have settled on one manufacturer, cultivate good relations with them so you can be a regular client. Jumping from one manufacturer to another denies you the uniformity required for your products.

Spend a little more time when looking for a custom plastic molder to avoid regrets later. Once you have a couple of good ones, compare their services then settle for one that meets the criteria. Also, know about the raw materials and plastic manufacturing technique that best suits your product. Plastic fabrication services in Indiana are many, but hopefully by now you can use these points to filter through the list so you can settle for the one that best suits your needs.