Plastic Manufacturers in USA

r & r technologies llcWhen looking at options for plastic manufacturers in the USA, it’s important to have some information before you pick the right one to develop your product. From blow molding to casting to rotational plastics, there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of plastic manufacturing process. If you want to create a product that is cheap to develop, has no tool marks, and can accommodate for both large-scale and small-scale production, a rotational plastics company is the best option for you to choose. For more information on finding out what we can do for you and the many different options you can get with rotomolding, please call us or fill out the form on the right side of this page.

Why Rotational Molding?

custom molds plastic manufacturersCompared to other types of plastics manufacturing, the advantages of rotational molding offers the cheapest and most efficient way to mold plastic. For example, blow molding uses a similar process to blowing glass, with hot plastic being blown out of a metal tube and then stretched to create a specific shape. This isn’t always the best way to go, because the shapes that can be formed are limited to lids, bottles or containers, and a line can almost always be seen where the two ends of the plastics come together. Casting, another common plastic molding process, is when hot plastic is poured into a two-part mold and heated and pressurized to attach both ends. While any mold lines formed from this process can be polished off by hand, it is rather costly and labor intensive to get a good product. Thermo forming uses preformed sheets of plastic, which are then heated and pressed (or sucked) into a mold to form a shape. This process works best for thin walled products, like yogurt containers or bathtubs. Unlike blow molding, casting, and thermo forming, rotational molding is cost effective, efficient, and creates a uniform, strong walled product, which can be reproduced for mass production and sales. While the process works best on products with uniform wall thickness and large, simple forms, such as plastic containers, it is possible to add detail or to change the wall thickness without making changes to the mold.

How does Rotational Molding Work?

rotational-molder-u.s.The rotational process works by taking a heated hollow custom plastic mold, which is filled with plastic. As the mold rotates, the plastics stick to the side of the mold to form a shape. Once it is cooled, the shape releases. Sometimes, it forms a line where the two shapes are pressurized together, but it can be easily sanded off by hand. In addition, rotational molding leaves very little waste after the process is complete, making it an environmentally friendly process that won’t waste time or money. Rotational plastics companies are willing to produce products in bulk or in small orders because of the user-friendly process that will keep their (and your) margins in line. Perfect for large-or-small products, products with intricate designs or thin-or-thick walls, rotomolding is the perfect option for you to produce the products you’ve been designing. With a hassle-free design and low-cost execution, it’s possible for you to save money and save waste by using rotational molding for your plastic manufacturing projects.Rotational Plastic manufacturers in the USA have all you need to get started with your rotational molding project today.

Different Types of Plastic Manufacturing Processes