Plastic Molding Containers Custom Built

Plastic Molded CratesR & R Technologies is a leading plastic molding containers company with a global viewpoint. Our extensive personalized rotational molding experience makes sure that you have success at every phase of the plastic molding production procedure. We focus on people, product advancement and custom designed engineering to offer our clients an affordable advantage in the plastic industry.With 50 years of experience in generating custom molding containers,

R & R Technologies is acknowledged as a worldwide leader in personalized plastic molding production. We partner with companies worldwide, across a wide range of industries to improve their end product, reduce basic components, production expenses and boost all around set-up time. We believe genuine success comes from dedication that supplies each client unequaled competitiveness by enhancing the quality of there finished product.

We assure our clients every affordable advantage in customized roto-molding procedures with a focus on mold concept, huge part molding options, thin wall surface plastic packaging and complex components capabilities with metal to plastic conversion if needed. R & R Technologies understands that in today’s global market you are looking for a business that is well-informed within your industry.One that offers prompt shipment service as well as higher quality plastic container choices. Our group will take care of you from creation and throughout the life time of the project.

How Rotational Molding Works

The production of roto molding was actually started in the 19th century and has been utilized since the 1940’s. Recently in these past decades it has been used more because of the renovations in the rotational molding manufacturing process itself. How it actually works is that it uses a warmed mold that liquefies the plastic and revolves it to ensure that the plastic clings to the steel mold.This type of process a lot different from other procedures connected with thermoplastics, such as injection molding and blow molding.

The Differences Between Roto Molded Cases Versus Injection Formed Cases

Rotational molding containers have a number of advantages, being that it is much easier to produce larger plastic cases. The Roto molding process also creates much less waste compared to other molding procedures.The excess product waste can be grounded to be reused.Roto formed containers also can be created in less amounts than other shaped plastic containers and have phenomenal strength and also long-lasting durability.

Superior Manufacturing of Plastic Molded Containers

In the manufacture of plastic formed containers, R & R Technologies designs and makes the most innovative roto-molded shipping and transportation cases and plastic molded storage tanks in the United States. We also have the unequaled ability to tailor any specific required specs you may need.Call R & R Technologies now to examine your choices in your plastic molding container applications and to see if partnering together with us can give you a competitive edge in today’s market!

Comparison Methods How Plastic Containers Can be Made