Plastic Rotational Molding For Your Furniture

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Plastic Rotational Molding For Your Furniture

It is a new world out there with rotational molding furniture slowly dominating the world of plastic products. They are almost everywhere. With a production process that allows for the mass production of hollow plastic products of all shapes and sizes at a reasonable cost per unit, it is only a matter plastic rotomolded benchesof time before scientists discover another raw material that will be used in rotational molding to expand the industry even further. To explain the process in simple terms, it involves the same technique used to create hollow chocolate eggs. The raw material that is typically used is powdered plastic heated and then rotated on two axis inside a mold. Centrifugal force disperses the plastic polymer and within minutes it evenly coats the inside of the mold. A quick cooling step follows and once the mold is opened, a plastic chair, table or bed springs is extracted. One of the factors that makes this process inexpensive is that unlike injection molding, no pressure is used in the product creation process.

Types of Rotational Molding Furniture

The list is endless, with the only limitation being the designer’s imagination. This is because it is possible to create molds of all shapes and sizes to come up with a desired product. As a result, we have all types of plastic chairs and tables, shelves, cabinets, beds, bathtubs, decorative pots, drawer slides, furniture caps, furniture legs, partitions, picture frames etc. just to name but a few.

The Advantages of Choosing Plastic Furniture

Economical. Plastic is cheaper to manufacture than most of the other materials out here. The finished product is also easier to maintain. rotocasted chairResistant to chemicals. Most of the resins are resistant to chemicals, which makes the products perfect for use in chemical prone areas. It does not corrode. This feature makes plastic furniture perfect for any climatic conditions. UV protection. There are additives in the resin that protect the products from getting weakened when exposed to UV. Strength. The plastic products can be manufactured to be strong and flexible, with impact and dent resistance. It is possible to enforce a piece of plastic furniture with molded features for better strength. They are beautiful. They add a pop of color to dull spaces. Since the plastic polymer can be preconditioned to have a certain color, there is no need for painting which gives the finished product a maintenance free, uniform and cost effective color and look. The products can also be manufactured with engravings and long lasting graphics.

The Advantages of Using Rotational Molding to Create Furniture

  • As mentioned above, there is no limit to the size or shape that one may need.
  • This leaves room for a lot of creativity. The production cost per unit is comparatively affordable.
  • One can choose to have custom made furniture, with antibacterial and anti microbial properties.
  • When one does not like how a product looks, the only thing that needs to be changed is the shape of the mold which makes the process quite flexible and great for test runs before mass production.
  • The products can be ribbed or have inserts to make them stronger and more durable.
  • You can choose to have your logo on the product in either a subtle or an easily noticed part of your furniture.

How to Hire the Right Plastic Rotational Molding Manufacturer

plastic manufactured arm chairsSo you have decided to get plastic furniture and are wondering how you will find the right manufacturer? Here are a few tips that will help. Start by looking at the level of output that you want so you can eliminate and remain with the capable ones. There are a lot of plastic molding companies with online websites that you can browse through. Each has their details; product information, location, contacts, links and even product videos. Ensure that the one you go for is well versed with the process of rotational molding. You may choose to request for an online quote, which most companies would readily provide. Another important thing would be to read through their customer review section to see what their clients have to say. If for example there are too many complaints you may want to move on to another. It would be best if you saved both your time and money and looked for a better option instead of experiencing the same! Customer service is an important aspect that gives you the picture of how the company treats their client. You will find that it is much easier to work with someone who thinks you are of value rather than another who sees you as just another listing in their itinerary. For a beginner, you need a lot of guidance in terms of design so that your finished products are durable and worthy of investment. Once you have established good rapport you can be a repeat customer.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Plastic Manufacturer

The manufacturing process. Different manufacturers use different processes for creating plastic products. Ensure that the one you go for specializes in rotational molding. This will mean that they have quality equipment and staff who are well versed with this style of plastic production. Location. Choose the one who is conveniently located to avoid paying a lot for shipping. Sometimes a close by company that charges more makes more economic sense than a cheaper one that will give you the extra cost for transporting your finished product. The opposite could also prove to be the money saving option. The capacity of production. Choose the company that can best handle the amount of products you would like to have manufactured. A large company would be best if you require mass production as they will be able to handle your order in a way that saves you time. A smaller company on the other hand is best for a lower capacity of production and for customized items. plastic rotomoulded kids chairSome companies would provide you with extra services such as design improvement or transportation. Take everything into consideration before settling on one. Plastic products have beautiful colors, shapes, are durable and most of all, they are economically viable. The art of rotational molding furniture is definitely fascinating and is taking root fast, with a lot of room for more improvement and creativity.