Rochester Rotational Molding Options

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What is Involved in the Process

Rotational plastic containersRotational molding, which is also known as roto molding is a thermoplastic process that is used in the production of hollow parts. The process entails placing powder resin into hollow molds and then spinning the mold that is held on two different axes. The spinning process takes place in an oven up to the point where the powder melts resulting into the covering of the inner wall.

After this takes place, the mold is cooled off and the part is removed. This is a common and preferred technique because it makes it possible to produce parts in a wide variety of sizes, designs, shapes and in terms of complexity. This molding process has particular advantages when compared to other techniques such as injection molding or blow molding.

With rotational moulding, R & R Technologies has the ability to produce a product that has continuous uniform wall thickness. This is a rare ability when it comes to other molding or plastic processing techniques. The double wall construction gives the products a durable element. In addition, molded inserts can be added without having to do any major changes to the mold, which save production time.

Rotational Molding Rochester

Cost Saving Benefits

Rotational molding is one of the most effective ways of cutting costs. Because this process requires low pressure and thin hollow shells, the manufacturer is able to produce many products at a low cost when compared to other processes. Furthermore, it is possible to cut cost in terms of quantities produced per unit price making it very economical in nature.

It offers one of the shortest and fastest means of production. With as little as three months, one is able to go through the entire process and end up with quality durable products. Not so with injection and blow molding, which can take up to six months or even more. In the end, the manufacturer is able to send the products to the market much faster.

The Ability to do Small Runs

Another benefit is the ability to do small runs. Our customĀ rotomolding process makes it possible for the manufacturer to run small units. It is an ideal process when one is venturing into a new market and yet not sure how the market will respond. As such, one can is able to make a conclusive decision regarding market trends for a certain product before investing a lot of money into inventory.

Lower Wastage

When it comes to wastage, roto-molding offers a cleaner approach when it comes to waste management. There is not much wastage since all the material is normally consumed in the process. This makes it environmentally safe and reliable when compared to other plastic processing techniques.

Very Versatile

custom plastic molding for RochesterLastly, it is one of the most effective techniques when it comes to inserting other prefinished pieces onto the mold. For instance, it is possible to add metal threads and pipes into the mold with much ease. As such, it makes it possible to come out with various designs without many complications. However, one should be aware when preparing the mold, to avoid shrinking during the cooling process.

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