Rotational Molded Plastic Pallets

plastic molded palletsRotational molded plastic pallets remain the main driving force for delivery choices in all fields of storage, distribution and transportation. Features like lightweight, re-usability and durability are the benefits that these custom plastic mold pallets can offer. Plastic pallets are used in various markets like food, groceries, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and automotive. Even the postal service of the United States makes use of these type of pallets.

At R & R Technologies, we pave the way for flexible designs of plastic pallets for Indianapolis and all of the Midwest area and U.S. We can design plastics in any shape by employing the rotational molding process. We can add any color to various configurations to the plastic pallets. The technology that we use makes use of double wall technology for the production of the frame structure. This technology also helps in reducing the weight of the plastic skids. Give us call now for a free quote and find out how competitive our prices are!

Rotational Molded Plastic Pallets Offer More Advantages

Since our company makes use of the rotational method instead of pressure, the process allows us the use of low cost tools which saves our clients money! It also makes it easy to keep the parameters in control and to correct the thickness of the walls of the pallets during production. Rotational molded plastic pallets have gained much popularity in today’s market because of the versatility that can be offered during the manufacturing phase.

Why Use Plastic Pallets and Not Wooden Pallets

In comparison to wooden pallets, plastic pallets that are manufactured at R & R Technologies offer longer service life and have better structural consistency. They are lightweight and free from all types of safety concerns. They suit all types of environmental conditions without the loss of quality in the materials used. The most amazing fact about big or small plastic pallets is that they imbibe all the characteristics of the wooden contemporaries but offer more advantages. Contemporary wooden pallets can’t have the same features and capabilities that molded plastic pallets can have.

Our Rotational Molding Process

The rotational process of molded plastic pallets involves biaxial rotation. Controled temperature is used when filling the molds and one piece plastic pallet can be easily produced through this method.Rotational mold makers use all types of plastics and polyethylene materials to prepare a perfect blend that can be used to produce such types of pallets. For more information click here.

Low density, linear low density, cross density, and high density are the different types of polyethylene are used fby plastic pallets manufacturers. Various other compounds can be used to manufacture these plastic pallets. Nylon, PVC, polycarbonate, polypropylene, plastisols, and poly vinyl chloride are the various compounds which can be used in the manufacture these pallets.

Plastic Pallet Finish Options

plastic skids manufacturersAfter taking out the pallets from the mold, they are transferred to a finishing department. During this period, different parts of the pallets are formed and glossy finishes are applied to the plastic pallets. If you wish to add graphic designs to the plastic pallets, we can do the same both before and after the molding process.

You can cut the one piece plastic and trim as per the desired designs you require. You have two options and those are in-mold and post-mold designs. You can apply different designs to it after molding the plastic. Different types of testing are employed during this phase. Leak testing, air tight pressure testing and air pressurization are the different tests that you can employ during this process.

Cost Saving Benefits

In comparison to other molding processes, rotational molding make use of low cost tools.The reason is because the process doesn’t employ pressure. Also with this process various molds are available for manufacturing of different plastic parts. When you wish to manufacture large parts you need to make use of fabricated molds, which is the most economical approach for manufacturing large parts. If you wish to manufacture small parts, you should make use of cast molds.When you require plastic pallets of precise designs, you need to make use of CNC molds, based on the type of plastic used. Also there is the benefit of plastic pallet recycling.

Technological advances have made plastic pallets very popular in all sectors of the market. Rotational molded plastic pallets are on the rise in the market for myriad advantages they provide.

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