Rotational Molded Products Come In Many Sizes and Forms

Rotational Molded Products Come In Many Sizes And Forms

rotational molded productsRotational molded products are used throughout the plastics molding industry. The process, also called rotomolding, is ideal for making hollow articles. The advantages of this procedure come from the fact that it doesn’t use pressure and that the molds are not expensive.
Thanks to this simple process, which doesn’t require a maximum size or a specific shape, the rotational molding process generates thousands of different products, used in various industries and fields. Anyone would be amazed at how many different products are made using by rotational moulding technology.

Construction Equipment

The products are preferred in this field mostly because of the freedom allowed by the design process itself and the possibility of producing limited amount of parts if needed. Low costs and light materials add to the value of the products in this market. Some good examples of products used in this field are the hydraulic reservoirs, the consoles, the water reservoirs, the shields, and the cab roofs. The list is, of course, a lot longer.


Since there are few limitations when it comes to producing through rotomolding, the products are often used in the auto industry. With characteristics like a great finish and good uniformity, these plastics are an important component in the vehicle’s production components. The most known products that are used in the automotive are the filler tubes, the air conditioner duct work, the fuel tanks, the air boxes, the fenders, and the sun visors, but the complete list is way longer.


As these rotational produced products have a relatively low cost, they are often used in agriculture equipment. Another reason they are so popular among farmers is the small weight, which has as a direct consequence on less fuel consumption, which means less money spent. Some examples of rotational molded products used in agriculture are the fuel tanks, the seed hoppers, the oil reservoirs, the dashes, and a lot more.

Medical Equipment

Covers, cases and carts are generally made using the rotomolding technology. The versatility of these products makes them great components in advanced medical equipment, as they can easily adapt to any requirement about shape, size and thickness. The low production costs also allow a limited series production, which is essential in this industry.


The polyethylene boats occupy an important part in today’s market, because of the reliability and durability of the material. They also have the advantage of not needing to be painted, nor coated. Rotational molded boats are generally under 5 meters long, and can be both single and double wall.


All persons involved in even the smallest gardening project use at least a few of the long list of rotational molded products produced for lawn and garden maintenance. Mulch plugs, dump boxes, water tanks, grass catchers, irrigation covers, and truck beds are just a summary of how useful molded products can be.


The main material used when doing lighting products is the UV stabilized polyethylene, which was designed to provide resistance protection in unsafe environments. The products are not only defined by high quality standards, but also by style and aesthetic. They can be used both indoor and outdoor, thanks to their resistance.


Rotational Molded toys can be seen anywhere, starting from kindergartens, parks and to playgrounds and anyone’s house. They have a series of advantages, such as a small weight, high quality and safety standards, and the fact that they can be easily cleaned. Some of the most popular examples are the children’s vehicles, the play houses, the balls and footballs, the climbing equipment, and even dolls and dollhouses.

Road safety

All barriers, traffic cones and safety signs are generally the result of the rotomolding process. All these products are resistant, can be used successfully outdoors, and are easy to move thanks to their weight.


rotomolded furnitureIt might sound odd, but furniture can be the result of the same process. Even Italian manufacturers started using several products in their new creations. The new materials and the possibility of designing and creating any shape, molded furniture is now the expression of a new era in home decorations. Tables, chairs, bed frames, and even bath tubs, in traditional and modern shapes and colors, are all made from new and resistant materials.
The simple technology which provides modern shapes and high quality with low costs has become the new trend in all aspects of modern life. Even chocolate is a rotational molded product in some cases. In fact the process was initially created to process chocolate, more precisely Easter eggs.
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