Rotational Molded Tanks Are Cost Effective

Icustom molding workerf you are planning to produce rotational molded plastic tanks for storing water or any other liquid, getting a proven rotational plastic tank manufacturer is your best option. R & R Technologies produces plastic tanks that are durable and extremely light weight. Whether it’s for industrial application, rain water storage, or irrigation, our manufactured plastic tanks are perfect for any long term usage.

The rotomolding technique is mainly used for producing seamless parts and products such as fuel and water tanks. The process starts when the plastic resin is loaded into the molds which are then rotated on two axes at high temperature. When the plastic melts, it will be hard-pressed against the hot walls in the mold. The melted plastic will be formed into the final products in this mold. There are some benefits you can take from producing plastics tanks using rotational molding process and they include:

Rotational Molding in Manufacturing Plastic Tanks

Rotationally molded plastic tanks have grown to dominate the water tank industry as they are more cost effective and lighter than other materials. Plastic tanks ensure pure drinking water without any taint. The manufacturing process of plastic tanks has less impact on the environment as the process does not emit any dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere, creates no noxious odors/gases, and the material is 100 percent recycled.

Design: Rotomolding allows much more versatility in product design compared to injection or blow molding. Complex shapes are easier to manufacture and rotational molding offers a unique advantage with consistent wall thickness.

Inserts: Threaded inserts or metal insert are easily added in the rotomolding process and offer a low cost, durable and evenly products unlike injection molding.

Tooling: Rotational molding is a low pressure production process that does not require part ejection or in-mold cooling. Molds are often produced from cast aluminum making the tooling process affordable and quick. Aluminum cast tooling allows manufacturers to produce multiple duplicate molds to boost production capacity.

Other Advantages of the Rotational Molding Process Include:

Product longevity

Ready for installation

Unique tool building techniques

100 percent pressure check on all tanks

Design based testing-shock test, fire test, pressure impulse test

Three visual 100 percent inspections on all tanks

Economical tooling cost

Variety of colors and textures

Mold in graphics and embossing

Internal vent tubes

Integrally molded fill and vent

UV stabilization for long term outdoor protection

Inserts and fittings able to be incorporated as integral components

Impact strength

Environmental stress crack resistance

Large inventory of existing molds

Custom design and engineering, using solid work 3D solid modeling

Uniform wall thickness

Design flexibility and configured to customers requirements

Why Buy a Rotational Molded Plastic Tank?

Rotational molded plastic tanks are made from rotomolded polyethylene which is practically unbreakable

No water tainting problems or rust cracking fibers that can be linked with metal tanks; rotational molded plastic tanks are simply the best quality tanks that you can have

There are a wide variety of sizes available

Child protection accessories make plastic containers safe for all members of your family

Large range of colors available

Easy to clean and maintain

R & R technologies can produce rotational molded plastic tanks that can serve industries such as agriculture, concrete, automotive, construction, industrial equipment, forestry, materials handling, lawn and garden, off-road vehicles, utility vehicles, recreational vehicles, and outdoor power equipment.

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