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R & R Technologies LLC has supplied rotational molding options for Elkhart for over 50 years! We are a full-service molder, concentrating on recreational vehicles, aquatic, commercial, massive truck and also material handling markets. We produce a large range of shaped plastic items and total item setting up to fulfill any layout demands.

elkhart rotational moldingPlease feel free to call us if you have any questions on the services we provide and the products we can manufacture. Whether you need just small runs or high-volume manufacturing, you can depend upon R & R Technologies LLC to provide you with top notch items at competitive rates. Our continued research into modern technologies aids us to maintain a cutting edge of new product possibilities as well as the processes that guarantee the highest performing end product. We look forward to helping you with any kind of rotational molding (roto-molding) plastic requirements you may need.

Our engineering support staff can help you with layout questions or issues when creating and designing a brand-new item, or tweaking an existing version. We have the production capability for large item orders and small run orders if needed. Most likely you have viewed instances of our work in numerous name-brand products used throughout the world.

Rotational Molding Elkhart Process

Basically, rotational molding or rotomolding, is a procedure for molding a variety of hollow plastic items.

Elkhart rotomolding processStep 1: Set-Up the mold Hollow or empty molds are loaded with the preferred resin product as well as filled into a large tool called a spider.

Step 2: Heat the mold The molds are then rotated gradually in a large stove, enabling the product to be distributed and softened until it is displaced inside the mold area to form the finished product.

Step 3: Cool the mold After the material has been heated up, it continuously rotates on the arms through a cooling procedure, which helps to solidify and establish the plastic material.

Step 4: Discharge the mold When the part has cooled down, our rotomolders unload the mold and depending upon the product, the item will will then go on to secondary completing procedures or the quality laboratory. This procedure was first utilized in the 1950’s and has been refined and improved throughout the years to enable bigger molds and also many different kinds of materials for numerous specific applications. R & R Technologies LLC is equipped to carry out a variety of setting up and also sub-assembly job. From prototype to huge production runs, We have the personnel and tools to satisfy your demands for quality, uniformity as well as fast turn-around times. Our rotational molding Elkhart options are one of the best services in the Midwest!

Industries We Service

  • Storage tanks
  • Compartments and Trunks
  • Kayaks and Boats
  • Marine Seats
  • Seat Bases
  • Containers
  • Dashboard Consoles
  • Cooler Products
  • Food Servicing Items
  • Reusable Pallets as well as Skids
  • Flooring Displays
  • Auto Parts
  • Oil and Transmission Changing Parts
  • Safety Barricades
  • Rider Mounting Steps
  • Jump Blocks
  • Animals Feeders
  • Roof Leading Vents
  • Bus Transit┬áCompartments


For further information on our rotational molding Elkhart services, please call us at 812-526-2655 or fill out the form on the right for free quote!

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