Rotational Molding Inc Benefits

rotomolding inc productionAt R & R Technologies, we offer rotational molding inc alternatives that can save you money on all your plastic manufacturing needs! We offer the ability to fabricate plastic pieces at different shapes and sizes that normally would be impossible to create. We ship throughout all the U.S and offer on time delivery! Call for more details at 812-526-2655

The Rotomolding process itself, provides unique benefits that set it apart from other molding methods, like injection molding and blow molding.The first benefit is the use of resin powder instead of the usual pellets used in most plastic manufacturing. The use of resin allows the ability to melt plastic into the molds without the need of pressure to force it in. The molds in this case use a rotation process that is biaxial that forces the plastic resin to cling to the inward surfaces of the mold naturally. The operating pressures used are also not high compared to other methods, which makes it possible to make molds from materials that are less expensive. This can provide lower manufacturing costs to you!

Short Production Runs When Needed

plastic rotomolding incR & R Technologies, we also provide short production runs when needed. This is possible because of our use of sets of multiple cavity molds during the production phase. And because of this, we can provide less expensive molds and tools, which means lower manufacturing costs to you!

Also,rotomolding when used correctly, can eliminate any need for secondary tooling because of its efficiency. It also does not produce any extra waste and therefore there will be no resin scrap. This makes it more environmentally safe when compared to other molding methods!

The other benefits that rotational plastic molding provides, is that the weight of the plastic piece together, with the thickness of the walls, can be completely controlled. This makes it easier to create consitent uniform walls throughout the plastic item itself, which provides better quality and a stronger plastic product. Rotomolding furthermore makes it possible to mold pieces that might have intricate contours or any undercuts. Also if there are deviations during the process, they can be controlled up to a 10 percent tolerance and little or no cross sectional deformation.

Rotational Molding Inc Works on All Sizes and Shapes

As said earlier, rotational molding works on all sizes and shapes. A piece with any size can be roto-molded. Finally at R & R technologies we make it possible to mold items which are similar (or those with different cross sections) in a single spindle, while at the same time the option to add different colors during the process. Adding colors this way offers longer lasting color retention throughout the lifetime of the product.

All these benefits makes rotational molding Inc the best option for any custom plastic molding project you have in mind! Contact us and see what R & R Technolgies can do for your bottom line! Call us now for a no obligation, free quote! Call today: 812-526-2655