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R & R Technologies LLC has supplied custom plastic rotational molding in Indiana and for clients across North America for over 50 years. With our combined industry experience and extensive experience as one of the top rotational molding companies, we can create unique options for your business’s design requirements. Knowing that the application drives the concept, our dedicated design team works as an extension for your company to provide design flexibility for unique plastic applications and any individual parts needing to be produced in a different range of sizes. We are your industry-leading rotational molding partner. R & R Technologies LLC is located at 7560 East County Line Road, Edinburgh, IN 46124, Ph: (812) 526-2655

With ongoing research into brand-new innovative designs, our quality, cost-effective products keep us on the cutting side of complex mold product options. With our plastic molding process and flexibility of design on custom molds, we guarantee the highest quality, cost-effective innovative products.

Affordable Custom Rotational Molding

Whether you’re trying to find quick distributions, fast turn-around times from print to item, or conversion from steel to plastics, R & R Technologies LLC offers the best integrity rotational molding services in North America for your company.

Excellent Customer Service

With an entire staff on-site in Indiana, you’ll have friendly customer service, complete customer satisfaction, and competitive prices for a quality product. We keep customers happy with the exceptional quality of all our custom products at fair prices!

Art Custom Rotomolding Services

plastic rotomoldingOur team of design specialists can additionally help you with your custom design concerns or problems when working on a new item or tweaking an already existing design. With our Central Indiana custom rotational molded facility, we have the manufacturing ability for oversized item orders and also small run orders.

You have probably seen examples of our operations in plenty of name-brand items utilized worldwide. R & R Technologies LLC is a rotational molder of plastics situated in the center of Indiana.

We are the leader in developments and specialize in managing personalized roto-molded demands for a range of businesses, including the automotive industry, medical industry, industrial supplies, plastic tanks and many more.

Rotational Molding Products

The list below is just a small sampling of the things made from rotomolding. Our client service, sales, engineering, and manufacturing teams will help you with your roto molding inquiries and any problems you need to be solved.

  • Bulk Containers
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Returnable pallets
  • Plastic Storage tanks
  • Quality Carts
  • Double-wall tanks
  • Fuel tanks
  • Fiberglass tanks
  • Plastic tanks
  • Plastic water tanks
  • Industrial equipment
  • Medical supplies
  • Recreational equipment
  • foamed injection for seating
  • Kayaks and boats
  • Sports equipment
  • Playground equipment
  • Signs
  • Furniture
  • Garden items
  • Planters
  • Dog houses
  • Toys
  • Garbage cans
  • Airplane parts
  • Road cones and barriers

Rotational Molding Can Produce Large Hollow Items

rotational molding processRoto molding is a reasonably great process of making huge one-piece hollow plastic items at a price less than many other plastic molding procedures. The procedure begins with a closed split mold. The molding compound, usually a thermoplastic through resin or pellets, is measured before and poured into the mold. The mold is then secured and also mounted on a multi-axial rotation station.

The mold is heated, and the compound within is melted. After the liquified product has drained, viscosity could be dispersed efficiently. Next, the rotation station starts to revolve slowly on numerous axes simultaneously. The high-quality rotationally molded plastic is evenly covered on the internal surface areas of the mold while the temperature level continuously drops in a controlled manner. The turning and also cooling proceed up until the molding compound strengthens. The mold can then be opened up, and the completed component is released.

The rotational rates, heating, and cooling rates need to be thoroughly regulated throughout the process. Unlike other usual plastic molding techniques, such as injection, extrusion, and compression moldings, no external pressure is used throughout the whole molding procedure. But again, this is a lengthy procedure, and also each cycle generally takes an hour or more.

Custom Mold Builder

Molds are generally produced from stainless steel or aluminum. Lightweight aluminum molds are typically much thicker than an equal steel mold, as it is a softer metal. This density does not impact cycle times considerably, considering that lightweight aluminum’s thermal conductivity is often better than steel. As a result, they should create a model before casting. Molds tend to have different prices related to tooling production, whereas fabricated steel or lightweight aluminum molds are less costly, primarily used for much fewer parts.

Nevertheless, some molds have both lightweight aluminum and steel. It enables variable thicknesses in the walls of the item. In contrast, this procedure is not as exact as shot molding, giving the designer even more alternatives. The aluminum addition to the steel offers even more heat ability, creating the melt flow to remain in a fluid state for a longer duration.

The Advantages of Custom Plastic Rotomolding

  • Inexpensive molds
  • Custom inserts
  • Production time is very short
  • It is a very economical process
  • Precision rotational molding capability
  • There is no waste material; all of the materials are used in production
  • There is the ability to make multi-level products
  • A wide range of molding products is possible on one rotational molding machine
  • Range of Product Shapes
  • Hollow stress-free item
  • Uniform construction
  • Complex Inserts
  • Threaded fittings are easily molded in
  • Molding in high quality graphics is easily done
  • Foam filling and soft foam injection

Disadvantages of Rotomolding

As great as custom rotomolding services are, the process has a few drawbacks. They are:

  • A limited choice of materials to work from
  • Some geometrical figures are complex to mold
  • There can be a lot of downtime during the cooling process

Best Rotational Molding Companies Indiana Options

Plastic Rotational MoldingCall now for custom plastic rotomolding Indiana service! When looking for the best rotational molding Indiana has to offer, R&R Technologies LLC is the distributor of choice with top-notch quality control!

Remember. R & R Technologies LLC 7560 East County Line Road, Edinburgh, IN 46124, Ph: (812) 526-2655 is a registered rotational molding Indiana company of integrity rotational molding manufacturing, serving diverse markets domestically and also abroad. also check out our rotational molding Indianapolis service too!