Rotational Molding Manufacturing

rotational plastic molding manufacuringR & R Technologies specializes in rotational molding manufacturing. Located in Edinburgh, Indiana, we supply plastic molding manufacturing solutions all over the country.The benefits of rotomolding is the layout capabilities it has in bringing together several parts that need assembly into one complete component. The rotational molding technique provides consistent surface thickness and basically stress free items.Rotomolded shaped tools have a short lead-time and also relativity reduced costs then other plastic molding methods.

We Provide Custom-Made Molding Options With:

Molded Polyethylene
Versatile PVC
Polypropylene Moldings
Nylon Molding
Thermoplastic Urethanes

Our personalized rotomolding includes complete layout as well as production services. We will assist you producing timely affordable solutions and detailed specifications for your personalized rotationally formed plastic components and items. We specialize in customized projects for business and also commercial products, including lockers, mass handling containers and also recreational products.

#rotomolding engineering and designThe R & R Technologies team will work carefully with you to develop your product in Strong Works as well as supply CAD-enhanced product design. Also your requirements on wall densities and  mold configurations, as well as overseeing the mold construction itself. R & R Technologies has the capacity to generate large items as well as mass production of plastic rotomolded parts.

Our customized rotomolded plastics team’s target is to meet your item requirements at all times. We make it a point to anticipate your manufacturing needs and also your long term goals, as well as make items that exceed your expectations.

The benefits of rotational molded manufactured parts is that they can be constructed in a lot of variations as well as have multi-layered wall surfaces.Also inserts into the parts and spin weld attachments that include an option of accessory attachments. Unusual forms can also be generated as one element, that generally would have to be assembled from several different parts.

R & R Technologies in house layout & engineering division can help lead your team with the all steps of the making of the rotational molded part, from start to finish Rotational molding can produce from little to big and basic to complex components. Also with light article mold setting up, additional operations, and tailored item packaging if needed.

Industries Served by Our Plastic Manufacturing Include:

Sports as well as workout equipment
Lawn as well as yard
Entertainment as well as playground
Swimming pool and also spa
Medical as well as hospitals – syringe light bulbs as well as anesthesia masks
Meals handling
Retail Show
Industrial and also commercial
understand your plastic item concepts.

If you would like any help with your rotational molding manufacturing needs, please contact us at R & R Technologies LLC, 7560 East County Line Road, Edinburgh, IN 46124, Ph: (812) 526-2655