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rotational molding
rotational molding in MichiganRotational molding in Michigan is one of the most established industries of its kind in the whole Midwest region. There are many plastic companies that provide manufacturing but our company, R & R Technologies LLC is considered to be one of the best in the region, mostly because we offer a high level of versatility. At R & R Technologies, we are the premier provider of custom rotational  molding and on time delivery. Please give us a call at 812-526-2255 for a quote!

Children’s Toys and Play Equipment

Rotational molding has contributed in bringing back to life, several of the Michigan industries; one being the children toy and play market. Children’s toys and other products can now be designed cheaply using rotational molding in real time. Other molding processes cannot easily be applied to manufacture products in big numbers. It’s also easy to design using the CAD technology in making a variety of parts and play equipment prototypes. Other processes have certain restrictions which make it not as cost effective.

Cost Savings

Michigan rotomolding free quoteRotomold designs that are customized are cheaper to manufacture. The process saves costs since the raw material is used almost without any wastage. Other processes like extrusion and blow molding are known to waste materials in the process and the raw material that are used in other processes are more expensive as compared to rotational molding which uses mostly polyethylene. Also, the average cost of the process is cheaper since it uses a straight forward process in the making of the molds. Because of that, one customized mold can be used to mass produce products in a very short time span.

Variety of Colors

Rotomolding process can easily accommodate many types of colors which can be very appealing as opposed to other processes. The process can be used to blend colors effectively and easily. Every imaginable color can be achieved by the process as compared to other methods. Other molding techniques require much more processes to achieve different colors that may be required to create many different type of molds. The rotational processing just needs color mixing in the cast and all patterns will appear immediately as it cools.

Design Flexibility

As compared to other molding methods, it can achieve many deigns just from one mold or casts. Many of its molded pieces can be easily consolidated through a very easy process to make one different product altogether. This is a departure from other processes which may be cumbersome and complicated, while the pieces or parts that are molded by the process can fit any available space and shape.

Cheap Tooling Cost

Rotational molding has a cheaper and versatile tooling cost since there is no interior part or core being manufactured. Other molding tooling is very expensive because there is a core to manufacture, while the former doesn’t have any core to be manufactured making it very cost effective. Companies which used the rotational method of molding save money and cut costs compared to other processes.

Small Runs

Rotational molding can be done in small runs once the tooling has been made. The cheaper cost of tooling in rotomolding makes it more economical to do small runs. Many companies in Michigan prefer rotational molding as compared to extrusion or blow-molding because of the tooling cost. The rotational process can even run just 10 pieces; other processes have higher tooling costs and usually require mass running to cover the costs.

Short Production Time

Producing a rotomolded product can take approximately 40 min as compared to other processes which take well over an hour or more. In a broader sense, the designing and the amount of time for over all production in rotomolding can take just three months. The same manufacturing with injection molding could take more than 6 months for a complete process to be done. So rotational molding has the capabilities to deliver the products sooner to the market than other processes. Rotational molding in Michigan and in neighboring Indiana, have achieved much in terms of benefits compared to other molding processes. Rotomolded products can be produced faster and forwarded quicker to the market with a variety of designs and colors and with very strong and durable constuction. For more info click here or contact us for a free quote today at R & R Technologies!

Rotational Molding in Michigan