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Rotational Plastic Products

Rotational plastic products are ideal for custom molding, particularly seamless plastic product designs. At R & R Technologies LLC, we are one of the most up to date rotational molding manufacturers in the Midwest and through out the U.S. By using our unique customized  molding processes, very large products can be produced enabling us to compete effectively with other extrusion and molding companies. Rotational molding is different from other processing designs in that the shaping, cooling, melting, and heating phases all occur after the polymer is set in the mould, thus there is no external pressure that needs to be applied during the production phase.

No matter what industry you compete in, there’s a strong possibility that our rotational molded products have played a major role in the market you strive to be number one in. From fuel and oil tanks to cabs for JCBs and tractors, from ducts and pipes to medical equipments, our plastic products are found everywhere. If your on the search for more, cost effective and reliable ways of mass producing your product lines, contact us now for a detailed comprehensive quote, usually delivered in 72 hours! Call 812-526-2655 today.

Remember, the rotational molding process is an exceptionally cost effective method for producing large and small hollow plastics items. Since this process is very flexible and very little waste is produced, it’s very affordable when compared to other processes of manufacturing plastics, such as injection molding and blow molding.
How the Rotomolding Process Works
Believe it or not, the technique which is used to produce such a flexible variety of plastic items was initially designed for producing chocolate Easter eggs. Although the design is far more complicated now days, the basic rotomolding process remains the same.

In rotomolding, polymer powder is tumbled in a heated enclosed mold slowly. The powder liquefies, forming a coating over the inner face of the mold. The mold is then cooled, enabling the polymer covering to become solid. The mold is then opened, and a perfectly shaped plastic item is extracted.

Rotomolding is a highly flexible process for making an exact, stress and seamless free plastic items at relatively low cost. The design can be used to create complex shapes with controlled wall thickness in different types of materials. It’s particularly perfect for producing partially hollow or completely hollow pieces.

By choosing from a variety of materials, products with physical properties as different as rigid commercial vehicle cab or flexible gearstick gaiters can be created. Metal inserts like bushes and threads can be molded in, and molded cavities packed with foam. On the other hand, threads might be part of the molded form itself. Molding might be drilled sawn, welded, tapped, routed, or CNC machined.

The look of the item can be improved by applying a surface paint or texture. The feel and appearance of other materials like leather and metal can also be simulated. In the event that more insulations or rigidity is part of the process, an internal foam layer can either be injected or molded integrally into hollow parts after molding.
Rotomolding Can Produce a Wide Variety of Plastic Products
The uses for rotational molding are broad, stretching far beyond the usual tank or enclosed box for which the technique is well known. Rotomolding can produce fittings for aircraft, components for machinery, furniture, and even products for the garden and for the home.

By choosing the most ideal polymer, you can produce products with different physical properties: therefore the result can vary from tremendously flexible, inflatable even to extremely rigid and impact resistant, such as a protective-capping.

Although a molding starts as an enclosed void shape, that doesn’t define the form of the final product. For instance, the original molding can comprise of 2 or more combined shapes which can later be separated to create 2 or more separate items.

As rotomolding is such a versatile manufacturing technique, it can be used to produce components for different types of rotational plastic products. From furniture to medical supplies, from the automotive business to the planet of advertising, rotational plastic products are used in most market sectors.
The Rotomolding Process is Essentially Split Into 4 Operations:
Charging Mold
A known amount of polymer powder is put in the mold. With the powder loaded, the mold is closed, locked and then loaded into the oven. The polymer powder can be pre compounded to the required color.
Heating and Fusion
Once the mold is inside the oven, it’s rotated around two-axis, tumbling the powder-this is not a centrifugal process. The velocity of rotational is always slow, usually less than 20 revolutions per minute. The ovens are heated by conduction, convection and in some cases by radiation. Once the mold becomes hotter the polymer powder starts to melt and sticks to the inside walls of the mold. As the polymer powder melts, it slowly builds-up an even coating over the whole surface.
When the melted polymer has been collected to the required level, the mold is then cooled either by water, air, or a combination of both. The polymer solidifies to the required shape.

Rotational Molding Process is the Best Answer for Plastic Prototype Molding
The rotational molding process is exceptionally cost effective and the molded plastics come in all sizes and shapes. Any concept is possible, small or large, and can be manufactured in small or large quantities.

There are several other benefits that cannot be listed to preserve concision but there are just but a few examples:

· Different surface finishes

· Ability to produce double walled components

· Ability to mold inserts

· Ability to mold multi color graphics that cannot come off

· Low cost of molds

· Control of wall thickness

· Excellent chemical resistance

Rotational plastic products come in a wide variety of products from pillars for the mining industry, storage tanks, pipe couplings, mining pump pontoons, fuel tanks and drainage systems. In commercial use, its uses extend from waste bins, plastic kayaks, to buckets and bollards to road markers. Even childcare seats and activity toys can be made through custom plastic molding. Call us now at: R & R Technologies LLC, 7560 East County Line Road, Edinburgh, IN 46124, Ph: (812) 526-2655

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