Rotationally Molded Fuel and Water Tanks

R & R Technologies LLC is just one of a handful of plastic rotational molding firms in the United States to have internally mold building as well as mold repair capabilities for rotationally molded fuel and water tanks. This can be the difference between success and also failure of a product. Our approved mold builders and tech personnel will help you in taking your item from prototype to production. We likewise offer plastic design and also layout services and also make use of Solid Works and 3D Solid Modeling.

As an added client service, R & R Technologies LLC provides its style, engineering and also roto-molding abilities to create superior high-impact gas, fuel and storage tanks and also containers at extremely reduced rates.

If you need a crash worthy, high-temperature, non-exploding energy container, R & R Technologies LLC can create it! On top of that, R & R Technologies LLC’s storage tank manufacturing can include indispensable sumps, threaded inserts, metallic flanges ,hose accessory “connections” as well as positioning brackets. also caps, baffling, pumps and fittings as well.

Plastic Rotomolded Tanks

rotationally moulded tanksFuel storage tanks play an essential part in the performance of devices. Every little thing must be produced perfectly; free of leaks as well as contamination that can influence engine efficiency. You should expect roto molded fuel tanks to be of the finest quality from a company you could rely on. In choosing the best supplier for your fuel storage tanks, you ought to consider the following:

Years of producing high quality rotationally formed fuel tanks
Designer capabilities
Engineering strength for type and also material support
Quality reputation
Efficient in molding in threads, outlets, inserts and graphics
Layout for manufacturability and durable tooling
Conformity with federal government laws

Hydraulic Tanks + Reservoirs
Hydraulic tanks have a number of difficulties that require the proper process and the appropriate material to generate a storage tank that is durable yet light-weight and cost-efficient. Rotational molding is the optimal procedure for producing hydraulic containers considering that it mades available these following advantages:

Design capabilities that maximizes capacity
Low-priced tooling
Consistent wall surface density – thickness actually developed into edges, where it’s usually needed
Smooth and also leak-free
Clean without any rust, rust, pollutants
Immune to denting as well as breaking
Capable of molding in strings, electrical outlets and also inserts
Paintability and also post-mold designing options

We can manufacture:
Hydraulic tanks for trucks
Aluminum hydraulic tanks
Hydraulic fluid tanks
Hydraulic tanks for semi trucks
Hydraulic tanks for dump trucks

R & R Technologies LLC thoroughly examines all of our materials consisting of Nylon 6 (powder and fluid), Nylon 11, Nylon 12, XLPE as well as XLPE/Nylon 11. We understand the distinctive advantages and also disadvantages of each material and also can assist you in picking the appropriate polymer for your next hydraulic tank application.

Septic Tank and Cistern
R & R Technologies LLC’s septic tank molds are long lasting and tough. Plastic Sewage-disposal tanks are the future of waste water administration. Plastic molded tanks are FDA-approved to store potable water.

Other Rotationally Moulded Tanks We Manufacture

Industrial Storage tanks
Chemical storage tanks
Water storage tanks
Stainless steel storage tanks
Liquid nitrogen storage tank

Agricultural Tanks
Agricultural poly tanks
Agricultural spray tanks
Plastic agricultural tanks

Vertical Tanks
Open up Storage tanks
Rectangle-shaped Storage tanks
Bow Shaped Water Containers
Rectangle-shaped Water Storage tanks
Rounded Edge Open Ended Containers
Square Edge Open up Ended Containers
Square Edge Open up Top & End Containers
Wedged Water Containers

Electric Battery Boxes
Marine Electric battery Boxes
Battery Box GRP-31-S
Dual Battery Box End X End GRP-31-DE
Double Battery Box Side X Side GRP-31-DS
Optima Electric battery Box GRP-34-SO

Recreational Vehicle Storage tanks
Base Dump Waste Storage tanks
Bow Shaped Water Storage tanks
End Dump Holding Storage tanks
End Dump Holding Storage tanks with Bed rails
L-Shaped End Dump Holding Tanks
L-Shaped Side Dump Holding Tanks
L-Shaped Water Tanks
Dump Holding Containers
Side Dump Holding Containers
Side Dump Holding Storage tanks with Rails
Water Storage tanks
Water Tanks with Rails
Wedge Shaped Water Storage tanks


We offer sizes to match nearly all applications for rotationally molded tanks and also a range of drain choices. also we can produce other types of rotational molding plastic products that you may have need of. Please call us or contact us by e-mail today!