Rotomolding Indianapolis Service

rotomolding Indianapolis plantR & R Technologies offers custom rotomolding in Indianapolis. It includes full design as well as complete production services. We can assist you in creating cost-saving solutions and detailed specs for your personalized rotationally built plastic parts. We concentrate on custom-made parts for commercial as well as industrial products, anywhere from commercial housings to large handling containers to plastic recreational items.We can just about do anything. Call us at 812-526-2655 now for more information.

We work closely with your company to create product designs in Solid Works and offer CAD-enhanced plastic design for specific wall thicknesses, mold configurations, and will produce the mold construction itself. R & R Technologies also has the ability to produce mass amount of plastic rotomolded parts varying from a cubic foot to as large as a hundred cubic foot. Along with custom roto molded products, we can fulfill your additional custom procedure needs: such as assembly, stamped in graphics, in-house welding and metal inserts.

Skilled Custom Rotomolding in Indianapolis

Our custom roto-formed design and development services have the ability to turn your jobs around promptly and on time. With our 50 years of experience we can capture any design or manufacturing-related troubles in advance before major problems happen. All of this before completing the tooling, which saves you time in bringing your products to market. Remember R & R Technologies is here to meet your plastic project needs, anticipate your objectives and produce items that will surpass your expectations.Check out our services by requesting a free quote today!

Perks of Custom Rotomolding

  • Much shorter lead-time from start to production
  • One-piece hollow construction
  • Design adaptability from little to large items
  • Economical for brief manufacturing runs, prototype study and also quantity production
  • Excellent load-bearing products
  • Ability to create multi-wall components
  • Thickness can be varied without mold adjustments
  • Cost saving-economic tooling costs
  • Resistant to stress-cracking and also deterioration
  • Complex curves, flanges, and also mold-in graphics
  • Colors never ever fracture or chip FDA-approved materials and also designs
  • Full internal style
  • Better, as well as higher held tolerance items
  • Preventative upkeep
  • Quality control
  • On-time delivery and also delivery

Request a Free Custom Quote

Interested in rates for specific bulk container products or attributes? Have a custom project to review? To find out more concerning our custom rotomolding Indianapolis services as well as exactly how they could fulfill your demands, kindly call us at 812-526-2655 or contact us today by filling out the form on the right..