The Benefits Of Rotational Molded Plastic Tanks

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The Benefits Of Rotational Molded Plastic Tanks

There are several benefits that are associated with rotational molded plastic tanks. Apart from being a cost effective means of production, the process is able to offer more than just basic shaped tanks. It has paved a way for a lot of design creativity and has enabled manufacturers to push their imagination to the limits. The process is both friendly to the consumer and the maker of the product in terms of the time it takes to get the finished product and the satisfaction acquired once the product is finished. Here are some of the benefits and advantages that these plastic tanks have over others.

Durable Products

rotomolded tanksPlastic rotomoulding offers a wide range of durable products when compared to other manufacturing processes. For instance, while a steel tank may rust over a long period of time, the plastic tank is able to stand the test of time without corroding. It is therefore a great manufacturing method preferred by many as it produces quality tanks that can last. These plastic tanks can take any shape, there much lighter so they can easily be transferred and set onsite, plus the time taken to process them is fairly less when compared to their counterparts.


The process is quite cost effective when compared to other tank manufacturing processes. Due to the low costs of production, the consumer is able to acquire a durable product at a price they can afford. It is therefore, for example, quite possible to get a large tank without getting too pricey. Both large and small quantities can be made using this form of manufacturing.

Chemical Resistant Tanks

Rotomoulding allows for the manufacturing of tanks that have a high chemical resistance level. The best part is that there is also the option of creating fire or static resistant product tanks. Basically, it allows for the freedom to experiment and come up with an improved product that is much better than a basic plastic tank.

Safe Tanks

Rotational molded plastic tanks have evenly distributed walls and a smooth finish thanks to the melting and molding process. They are therefore able to equally withstand pressure, eliminating the risk of bursts which could cause serious injuries.

Effective for Test Runs

Due to the fact that the tools required for plastic rotomolding are inexpensive, it is a great option for trials on manufacturing a needed product. If successful, the manufacturing can then be conducted on a more expensive level, using another type of plastic manufacturing technique for perhaps mass production.

Fast Manufacturing

The process saves a lot of manufacturing time. It is therefore perfect for large orders, enabling manufacturers to produce many tanks within a short period of time without compromising on quality.

Flexibility During Production

If there is need to suddenly change some aspect of the product during manufacturing, it can easily be done without putting a lot of pressure on the production cost. This is because the required mold can be acquired without interfering with the whole process. Colors can also be easily adjusted to suit needs.

Design Freedom

tank machine productionThere are so many designs and shapes that one could opt for. This is because when manufacturing, the melted plastic takes the shape of the mold, so the designer is literally able to create whatever shape they choose. Their imagination becomes the only limit. For instance, if compared to blow molding, this type of manufacturing gives more room when it comes to playing around with shapes and designs. It is therefore ideal for creating complex tanks which would fit any type of use. Here at R & R Technologies we have the capabilities to design any tank to your specifications and shape with our in house design engineers.

Size Options

Rotational molding is the only method that allows for the production of different sized tanks depending on the specific need. As long as there is the required mold for manufacturing the raw materials, one is not limited as to what size of tank they would like to manufacture. The process has successfully seen the making of tanks that are large enough to hold 20,000 gallons of water, tanks that are several feet in size.

This method offers a lot in terms of affordability, flexibility, creativity and even durability. One can go from creating very beautiful shapes to very complex shapes which will fit into any type of space. For instance, it is easy to incorporate logos and graphics while manufacturing the tanks. The color options are also endless, with the ability to be incorporated during manufacturing. With all these and many more benefits, plastic rotational molded tanks are fast gaining popularity among both the manufacturers and consumers of these products. For more information on what we can do in producing your plastic tanks needs, please contact by email or give us a call at 812-526-2655