The Benefits of Rotational Molding In Plastics Containers

molded plastic containerFinding the best plastic container manufacturers can be a daunting task. The first impression of a product is very important, that’s why a clear plastic container is recommended to make an eye-catching display of the product. Finding a company that offers a wide variety of plastic containers means all your needs, uses, sizes and style are covered. High quality plastic containers need to be recyclable, reusable, durable and FDA approved for use with foods.

The benefits of using rotational molding process to produce plastics containers?


Rotomolding is a low cost method of production. Large components can be produced at a cost that is very affordable to the consumer. One of the great advantages of this method of production is its ability to produce small and large quantities. Purchasing a rotational molded plastic container will be the most cost effective way of gaining a customized plastic container.


Rotational molded plastic containers possess strength that originates from the melting process. Although the parts are easy to carry and exceptionally lightweight, the plastic containers produced have strong corners from uniformly distributed material. Rotomolding allows the parts to have double and uniform density walls. Products with complete enclosure can be manufactured thus gaining the capability to withstand tough environment.


The rotational molding process has the opposite effect of injection molding. Rotomolding does not inject/force the plastic into a shape but rather allows for various styles and sizes products. Almost any size product with perfect surface detail can be made using this manufacturing process. Different colors can be used at the same time throughout the process to produce different types of products.

Corrosion Resistance

It is a known fact that plastic cannot rust. Even stainless steel items are at risk to rust in welded parts.

Chemical Resistance

Rotational molded plastic can withstand different chemical components, making them an ideal solution for tanks and other containers. Rotomolding process can also be used to produce customized plastic that are fire resistant, weather resistant, and static resistant.


With plastic mold manufacturing, a wide variety of colors is available. Since the color is solid throughout the piece, there is no unattractive chipping of color. Rotational molding also gives you the choice of incorporating a color logo correctly on the molded product, which means your logo can’t flake or peel away. And because rotational molding allows maximum control throughout the process, you can address the size and style of the product along with its function.


Rotational molded plastic eliminates sharp burrs and corners and result in a seamless, smooth product. This reduces injury-risks for operators. And since rotational molding allows greater control throughout the process, more ergonomic components can be produced.

One Part Construction

It is a well known fact that the more items there are in a component, the higher the risk for problems and breakdowns. Using plastic material means that you can form one part instead of welding together different metal pieces, resulting in a longer lasting and more durable product.For more information go here!

The container in which products are displayed or stored plays a very vital part in how a product is displayed and used. Manufacturers need to provide a wide range of plastic containers using FDA approved plastics materials. Choosing plastic container manufacturers is vital to make sure that products are stored or displayed in the best possible way. Contact us now at: R & R Technologies LLC, 7560 East County Line Road, Edinburgh, IN 46124, Ph: (812) 526-2655