Advantages of Rotational Molding Over Injection Molding

custom rotomoldingR & R Technologies can produce a wide range of different custom rotational molding. Our molding process is used to manufacture all kinds of products on a daily basis. From making plastic toys for children to play with to creating the packaging that a company uses to ship items from one destination to another. There is a lot of things that can be made from rotational molding today.

Even though many of the manufacturing companies may use more than one type of molding to make the items they sell to consumers all over the world, there are at least two procedures that are commonly used and that is rotational molding and injection molding. Of these two, the type that is considered to have the most benefits is the rotational molding process. The distinction between the two are as follows:

Custom Rotational Molding

When considering the main difference between the two, people will discover that the benefits of rotational molding vs injection molding involves having the ability to make specific detailed designs with ease during the process. Briefly, the actual start of this process involves pouring a polymer powder into a mold that has been positioned on 2 perpendicular axes. Once the powder is placed in the mold, its sealed before the rotational molding process begins. The molders who monitor this manufacturing operation will allow the rotation to continue until entire process of heating and cooling is complete.

With this kind of operation, manufacturers can make their products relatively fast during the production phase. The walls that form around the structure of these products are uniform, thick and virtually stress free in the corners. Another great benefit of rotational molding manufacturing, is having the ability to create one part from multiple pieces. By making this kind of one part assembly, the structure of the product is also stronger. So, the quality is enhanced greatly.

Injection Molding

While Injection molding does have its advantages, this process has some drawbacks that makes custom rotational molding the better of the two. It lacks the ability to make objects that require precision in the details. So, it is not recommended for manufacturing products in certain industries. For instance, manufacturers that make small and large items for some Aerospace needs will not use injection molding in their processes if they want the products to be custom made.

On the other hand, if the manufacturing company is producing mass items for large orders, they may use the injection molding process to get the job done quickly and inexpensively. Which means, in these situations, the latter of the two options,plastic custom rotational molding, is considered to be the best.

Manufacturing companies all over the globe make all kinds of plastic products for consumers that have a need. These products are used every day in homes, businesses and other kinds of commercial uses. The type of molding process can change from one manufacturing company to another and from one product to another. Which means, it is important for each company to choose the best one for the situation. However, the custom rotational molding process is considered to be the best option of the two, specifically when a consumer needs a specific precision design.

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